Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ramona! Ramona! Ramona!

One thing is for sure: We love Ramona Ehret! She lives in Berlin and helps with European Initiative. So what makes her special? Is it the fact that she was totally selfless and willing to do whatever it took to help Texans acclimate to the Berlin culture? Was it the fact that she “walks the walk” where her faith is concerned. Do I particularly love her because she (like me) has a past; yet does what Paul wrote about forgetting what is behind and pressing toward the mark. (Phil 3:12-14) Maybe it is her cute smile and warm heart. Maybe it is the excellent job she did helping us with translation. Maybe it was her patience. Or maybe it was her fun sense of humor. I think that all those had a lot to do with the reason why she is so special to all of us. But one can’t deny the light that shines through her life. She is a testament to the faithful potter taking a work and turning it into a piece of art that pleases the Maker. Our lives are better because our paths crossed with hers. And there can be no better thing said about a person in my humble opinion. Here she talks candidly on a Berlin train.

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