Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Pupils From The Pulpit: a lesson in unbelievable hospitality!

East Berlin has over 1.5 million people but very few Christians. Thanks to amazing men like Pastor Winfried Rudloff, this church is a beacon of light and hope in a neighborhood once controlled by the notorious Stasi. Here two of the Mission Berlin team members Scott Sage and Brenda Robson get a chance to speak to the members of Christus Gemeinde church. Jeff Serio gives an introduction. Words can't express their warmth and hospitality towards us. And it was a real treat being able to worship with them. Translators sat with us and helped us understand what was being said. If you have the resources, they are praying for $40,000E to build a kitchen where they can distribute food to the poor of East Berlin. Pray about helping this church. They are the “real deal”. If you have no financial support available, one can always make mention of them in their prayers. (Romans 1:9)

PS: If you speak German, you will notice one of the greatest speech faux pas ever done in a church. Ask a team member what was said, and what was meant. They are radically different.

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