Saturday, August 7, 2010

This is what's so amazing about grace:

Kim prayed for a public salvation in Boxhagener Park. And she got one, in the form of this man named (oddly enough) Christian. He thought he was too high to get saved because he had smoked a lot of hash. God sobered him up. And he confessed a life of unbelievable sexual depravity. Luckily for us, God's arm is not too short to save, or sober people up. The rest of the story is absolutely amazing.

This is Jork with his famous dog Mr. Spock. Please pray for him. He is a brilliant man who is paying tribute to the god of heroin. May God rescue him!

Behold, the entrance to a High School in East Berlin. The graffiti was so artful, yet so dark. The authors showed their brilliance in painting images of pain, rejection, rage, and hopelessness. Sorry to offend some Christians by the above picture. But if this offends you, you probably won't be able to hang in East Berlin. Not having anyone who will hear, or any way to express what is happening inside emotionally, they turn to spray paint and bricks. Note the picture of the kid with tape over his mouth. Oh how I wish I could talk to the person who painted that special message (f.u.) to their dad. I understand. And I'd love to hold them and pray for them. How can I not share the freedom that was given to me?

This is the "Open" sign for the clandestine brothel across the street from Bree and Kim's Das Garten coffee shop. We prayed. A couple of days later the sign was off and the window closed behind a graffitied steel pull down blind.

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