Monday, July 12, 2010

Welcome to our Blog!

If you are reading this blog, you are one of two types of people: A member of the team heading to Berlin, Germany on the 19th; or someone who has a financial or spiritual vested interest in this trip. And we are greatly appreciative of both. This will be the place where you can get daily video from Berlin of what is happening via our YouTube account here. We will try to keep you abreast of the things God will do on this trip. You can also see the amazing sights and sounds Berlin has to offer. I recommend you come here daily, enjoy the content, comment on any post that speaks to you, send words of encouragement to any member of the team, ask questions, and get your horizons expanded. One thing we ask of you: that you pray for us daily and call us by name in your quiet time. We can use all the divine intervention we can get. And will probably need it on occasion due to the fact that God loves Berliners, and the last 70 year reign of bondage and spiritual darkness is coming to an end. Like our team leader Brian likes to say:’s on!

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