Saturday, July 17, 2010

We leave tomorrow.

It is the night before departure. The lists have been checked. The bags are sitting packed but still open. Passports? Check! Itinerary? Check! And on and on down the list of things to do/have/bring/secure and call. Now it is time to sleep. Nothing more to say here. I bought a new video software from Corel which won't load on my laptop. So my plans of having amazingly edited videos for you every night might have to switch to Plan B. We will be Skypeing with those of you who have it on your computer. Good night friends. Tomorrow we fly!


  1. That's God for you. My guess is that He thinks it's more important for you to rest and get recharged at the end of each day instead of spending energy on amazingly edited videos. But we appreciate the thought all the same, and I promise, for me at least, that I'll enjoy the unedited versions and being part of Team Berlin from afar. Have a safe journey today.

    I was moved to tears today in worship when we sang "Tear Down the Walls" - just thinking about all that the team will be doing for the next two weeks.